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How Cold Neutrons Can Improve Performance of Thermoelectrics

Our researchers and engineers here at II-VI Marlow thrive off of finding new and innovative ways to improve our technology. Thermoelectric devices provide renewable, sustainable energy in many different ways, but the technology itself is still fairly new and scientists world-wide are trying to engineer more efficient devices. We already know that thermoelectric technology is versatile and reliable, but when they become efficient on a large scale, their potential applications could be endless.

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NASA’s Mars Opportunity Rover 15 Year Mission Comes to an End

NASA recently announced it will be concluding its first ever Mars rover mission after the rover has been out of service for nearly a year. The Mars rover, Opportunity, will be forever known as the longest living robot on another planet to date. Amongst its accomplishments include, photographing Mars red plains and revealing a land previously unknown to man.

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Types of Materials for Harvesting Energy from Heat

What do you know about how a thermoelectric generator is constructed? Do you understand the Seebeck and Peltier Effects? What about how thermoelectric technology can be applied in different industries? Ok, last question. What do you know about the materials used in the construction of these devices?

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