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NASA InSight Mars Lander Safely Touches Down

NASA has been busy at work engineering a robot assigned with the task of journeying to the Red Planet. It is different from the Mars rovers, such as Spirit and Opportunity, as it has a totally different task at hand. This NASA robot named InSight is a lander, with a specific duty to explore what lies below the planet’s surface. It has been busy at work since it touched down in late 2018.

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How Thermoelectric Technology is Used in World’s First Air Conditioned Helmet

The term, “safety first” has always been a golden rule that we remind ourselves and teach our children, but what about “comfort second”? Feher Helmets has taken that idea to the next level by turning a typical motorcycle helmet into one equipped with a self-contained air conditioning system for a more comfortable ride.

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NASA Successfully Tests Mini-Nuclear Fission Reactor For Space Exploration

Thermoelectric technology has an important role in space travel and discovery, which we have laid out extensively in previous blog posts, but what about nuclear power?

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What Powers Spacecrafts in Deep Space

Man’s inaugural journey into space was a miraculous triumph but human nature leaves us wanting more. We yearn for new information and deeper travels, but innovations down here on Earth are what will launch us to new heights in space.

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Thermoelectric Technology in the Medical Industry

Thermoelectric technologies have a wide range of applications across multiple industries. They are great alternative energy sources due to scalability, sustainability, efficiency, precise temperature control, and long operational life just to name a few.

One of the most dynamic and exciting industries in modern society is medicine. People are living longer and there are more cures to diseases than ever before thanks to continual medical advancements.

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Powering Internet of Things Sensors with Paper Batteries Charged by Bacteria

Thermoelectric technology was created as an innovative, environmentally friendly way to harvest heat and convert it into energy. With that being said, there is always room for improvement.

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Thermoelectric Nanogenerator Could Allow For Infrared Light Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting has been a hot topic lately and has attracted interest for developing clean and sustainable energy technologies. While there are many different aspects of thermoelectrics that are being researched and engineered for improvements, one is significant thermal difference (ΔT). In a past blog, we talked about a newly developed TEG that can operate with a 5 degree C thermal difference, but today we will talk about a flexible photo-thermoelectric nanogenerator.

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II-VI Marlow’s Vietnam Manufacturing Facility Receives ISO 13485 Certification

II-VI Marlow is proud and excited to announce the recent ISO 13485 certification of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Vietnam. This certification was granted by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection, and certification services (TIC).

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Japanese Researchers Created a Flexible Thermoelectric Generator

Over time, scientists and engineers have found ways to integrate new technologies into our everyday lives. We have fitness watches, smartphones, sleep trackers, and more, but these devices aren’t attached to us at all times. People get sick of fitness watches, forget to track each night of sleep, and although we typically keep our smartphone within arm’s length, they are not as essential to us as the clothes we wear. Think about it, your clothes are the one thing you could never function in society without.

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Scientists Successfully Developed a Thermoelectric Generator with 5° C Thermal Difference

The world as we know it is getting closer and closer to becoming a completely IoT-based society. For those unfamiliar with the Internet of Things, we wrote all about it in our last blog post! It is essentially a system of integrated computing devices or sensors that transmit data over a network. Think about all the devices in your home that have WiFi capabilities. Your phone, smartwatch, television, heating and air conditioning, and the list goes on.

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