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Climatherm™ Products Protect Electronics in Extreme Conditions

This entry was posted in Climatherm and Electronics on July 08, 2016 by II-VI Marlow Industries

Protect your electronics under extreme conditions. II-VI Marlow designs and manufactures Climatherm™ products. Lightweight, compact, long lasting, cost efficient electronic enclosures; these products range from as small as battery cases to industrial appliances.

Beyond high heat exchangers and thermoelectric coolers or TECs, our Climatherm™ air-to air product line was established for two primary reasons.

Cabinet Air Conditioning and Heating

Climatherm™ was established to provide a high performance, high quality and cost effective product in a recognized footprint for the cabinet conditioning market. The high performance construction of the Climatherm™ product family provides up to 20% more performance in a given volume compared to other thermoelectric products available on the market. The 20% benefit can be customized to provide size, weight or performance enhancements by providing slightly different thermoelectric modules, or air movers, to provide additional heat pumping, larger temperature difference from ambient, lower current draw for a greener applications and/or lower noise for noise sensitive applications. These cabinets may be precisely cooled, or heated, to optimum temperatures. Cabinet temperate stabilization is required in several diverse markets including cabinets for outdoor electronics, battery conditioning and food service. Typically, Climatherm™ assemblies require power supplies and/or controllers and II-VI Marlow has partnered with several power supply manufacturers to provide efficient power to the thermoelectric heating and cooling assembly. Our electrical engineering staff has years of experience designing controllers and software solutions for cabinet cooling as well as other applications like heat exchangers.

Establish a Performance Baseline for Custom Thermoelectric Cooling (TEC) and Heating Systems

The second reason for II-VI Marlow to offer a standard line of thermoelectric cooling (TEC) and heating products is to provide well-characterized, readily available products to our customers quickly for experimentation and solidification of the requirements for a given application. Our customers know what they want to do, but may not know the heat loads or detailed inputs to quickly assess the technology appropriate to their application. Quick experimentation is the key to innovation with thermoelectric applications. What worked as expected? What did not work as expected? Why? Is thermoelectric cooling and heating a good fit for an envisioned application? What are the heat loads and temperature requirements to make an application successful? Our Climatherm™ architecture provides an entry point to rapidly answer these questions and facilitate development discussions between II-VI Marlow and our customers.

Let’s look at the chart below to see how Climatherm™ measures up to the competition.


Protect your industrial electronics exposed to extreme conditions with Climatherm™ assemblies

Compared to our competitors, the Marlow Climatherm™ CTA400 goes above and beyond the call of duty. Cooling power exceeds the normal range of the majority. It can withstand temperatures below -40 Celsius where most competitors can only tolerate -20 up to -40.

This is the prime example of how Climatherm™ products are designed to protect electronics in extreme conditions. Not only can this products line protect against freezing temperatures, it can prevent dust and water from damaging most devices.

Climatherm™ assemblies, including heat exchangers, can be modified to provide solutions into air-to-plate and air to liquid application space, as well as air-to-air applications. Our high quality processes may be leveraged, within the platform, to provide assemblies quickly into the market, while still retaining the benefit of robust product development processes that ensure quality products, with first pass success,  by utilizing tools such as DFMEA’s, PFMEA’s and paperless PCP’s for all opportunities.  Additionally, our thermoelectric assemblies may include everything for a complete system, including Power supplies, controllers, remote controls, Bluetooth, ZIGBEE, WiFi and RF communication as well as on/off or PID control capability.   IoT, Amazon server and over-the-air update are recent additions to our embedded software toolkit. II-VI Marlow is eager to work with a global customer base to provide standard or unique solutions for all thermoelectric cooling and heat exchange needs.

If you would like to learn more about Climatherm™ assemblies, please contact us today.

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