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This entry was posted in devices , Energy Efficiency , Electronics and industries on May 10, 2019 by II-VI Marlow Industries

ISA Analysis Division’s 62nd Annual Symposium was held May 5th - 9th 2019. Among the few new products featured was II-VI’s EverGen® PowerStrap® Generator (EPG) - and it was very well received.

Four groups of industry VIPs were invited to review the product.  They were asked to provide feedback and discuss the various ways thermoelectric generators can be applied to cut costs and solve problems in remote locations.  The feedback was extremely positive - especially around the multiple uses for remote energy sources. 

“We are in discussions with a few industry leaders that have expressed interest in offering the PowerStrap® as part of their future product offerings,” said Anthony Bianchini, Director of Sales and Marketing at II-VI Marlow.  “They see the real-world uses and are interested in this new form of remote energy.” pasted image 0

The Analysis Division (AD) is indispensable to any process analyzer professional, from technician level to design engineer. The nature of on-line process analytics is such that people spend their entire career in the field and the learning never stops. It is a mix of chemistry, physics, electronics, software, control engineering, sample handling, common sense, perseverance, and black magic.

Needless to say, dependable energy sources in the field were of great interest to this audience.

Among other hot products was a new wireless sensor from Yokogawa.   It has the capability of providing machine learning of feedback of sensors to improve the production process and lower downtime.

Another vendor, Simark, displayed its methane power-cell used to generate power in remote locations.

And Aircom Instrumentation displayed a signal conditioner that can be programmed in the field.

As this emerging field continues to evolve, please keep abreast of developments with II-IV’s newsletter.  

If you would like to speak to Anthony, please email him at anthony.bianchini@II-VI.com.

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