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How Thermoelectric Technology is Used in World’s First Air Conditioned Helmet

This entry was posted in devices , TE materials , Thermoelectrics and thermoelectric cooling on December 20, 2018 by II-VI Marlow Industries

The term, “safety first” has always been a golden rule that we remind ourselves and teach our children, but what about “comfort second”? Feher Helmets has taken that idea to the next level by turning a typical motorcycle helmet into one equipped with a self-contained air conditioning system for a more comfortable ride.

The Feher ACH-1 helmet was designed to cool the air temperature around a motorcycle rider’s head to be 10-15 degrees cooler than the temperature of the external air that typically circulates through the helmet. Steven Feher, creator of this innovative helmet, claims it to be “the world’s first self-contained air-conditioned motorcycle helmet available to the public.”

These helmets house a convection AC system, located in the back, which utilizes a thermoelectric cooling system. The helmet has a fan in the back and a vent by the rider’s forehead so that when in motion, external air enters and is circulated through the cooling system in the back of the helmet. This is where the air is cooled and sent back to the front of the helmet over the rider’s head through Feher’s patented fabric.

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(Image source: https://feherhelmets.com/pages/technology)

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