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II-VI Marlow Powerstrap Generates Renewable Energy in Lubbock, Texas

This entry was posted in powerstrap , lubbock, texas and renewable energy on July 08, 2016 by II-VI Marlow Industries

What do you get when you mix together Lubbock, Texas; a prison; a cruise ship and Superman’s lair … a pretty good mental image of Alaska’s North Slope oil field.

Powerstrap Technology is a Source of Renewable Energy In Lubbock Texas

I know first-hand. I just flew back, in a plane of course. The place is as flat as a pancake, has jail cell size sleeping quarters, all the food you can eat and is as cold as can be. The region poses some of the most hazardous weather extremes in the world, constant sun, constant darkness, 100 mph winds, animals that want to eat you and the list goes on. Infrastructure is limited and the cost of doing anything is astronomical. Needless to say, oil production is the only reason humans venture to this “uninhabitable” location.

Why mention this? It just happens to be the location of the latest installation of II-VI Marlow’s PowerStrap+ energy generator. Though an inhospitable place for humans, these conditions, combined with a lack of grid power, make the North Slope an ideal location for II-VI Marlow’s thermoelectric energy harvesting technology. II-VI Marlow’s PowerStrap+ design combines thermoelectric and solar energy into a “dynamic duo” of energy harvesting. The thermoelectric generator uses the temperature differential between the warm oil pipeline and cold ambient conditions for power production in the colder months. A solar panel, tapping in to the abundant sunlight, compliments power production in summer months. Together, they provide a year round, renewable power source.


In this particular case, the power was needed to drive an ultrasonic pipeline flow meter and wireless radio. These instruments are used to measure and transmit oil production data on individual wells. The beauty of the system is that everything, from the flow meter-to the energy harvesters-to the radio, simply straps on to the exterior of the pipe. Now, instead of sending an operator out to distant well pads to gather data (or not getting any data at all), production information is sent automatically. No need to worry about the frequent weather conditions that shut down travel for days on end or a polar bear looking for lunch. Data is now available in the office. Outside of a photo of the beach on your screen saver, there still may not be anything scenic to look at, but at least you’re warm.

And by the way, since we are on the topic of the beauty of Lubbock, I really can’t figure out people from Texas Tech…

For More information download our whitepaper detailing EverGen Powerstrap technology. 

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