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Military-grade space heaters

This entry was posted in Energy Efficiency and Thermoelectrics on November 25, 2019 by II-VI Marlow Industries

For soldiers deployed in isolated areas, maintaining a consistent heat source to a military tent proves challenging. And while electric space heaters are commonplace in offices and homes, they are too dangerous for military use.

Civilian generators cause approximately one-third of all winter house fires, 80% of all winter heating fire death, and 1,500 injuries every year. They are also bad for the environment. The energy they waste cannot be reused, and if not properly ventilated, they emit deadly carbon monoxide gas. That’s why Army housing regulations prohibit their use.

They’re also impractical. Battery or generator powered heat device demands frequent upkeep, a steady supply of replacement power sources, and, often, an electrical outlet. They can also be heavy and unwieldy to use.

Thermoelectric space heaters

Thermoelectric space heaters are far safer than regular space heaters and more environmentally conscious. Many space heaters come with safety features such as, carbon monoxide detectors and remote thermostat controls. They’re also reliable, lightweight and easy to maintain.

II-VI Marlows' energy harvesting solution captures heat from a battlefield fuel burner to power a fan to circulate heat through the tent. This system eliminates the need for batteries, large generators, and any other requirements of a dependent energy source.

The II-VI Marlow thermoelectric generator is self-powered and self-sufficient, requiring no maintenance for its lifetime. All thermoelectric generator solutions and sub-assemblies are scalable, thereby enabling the circulation of heat across large areas. II-VI Marlow energy harvesting solutions allow soldiers in isolated, cold climates access to a reliable source of heat while providing energy savings over the current system.

Likewise, the Space Heater Convective 35(SHC35) is a self powered, liquid fuel burning, and ducted convective heater. It has a thermoelectric generator for combustion and air handling It’s designed to deliver 28,000 – 35,000 BTU/H (8.2 – 10.3 kW) of heat output at an airflow of 300 CFM (509 m3/h) to tent shelters. The SHC35 also has a high temperature shut-off feature that protects itself from temperature damage. And, since the unit is self-powered, there is no external power requirement.

II-VI Marlows’ team of accomplished engineers works hand-in-hand with OEMs to develop optimized thermal solutions. From concept to completion, II-VI Marlow offers state-of-the-art thermoelectric solutions to meet your requirements

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