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Optimum Thermoelectric Design: Concept to Completion

This entry was posted in Technical Library on December 19, 2017 by II-VI Marlow Industries

II-VI Marlows’ ability to provide both low-cost standard products and cost-efficient, customized products remains our industry advantage. As the leading supplier of custom thermoelectric coolers (TECs), Marlow has a concept-to-completion approach to design. This approach enables II-VI Marlow to span a variety of markets and applications, offering world-class support to the customer and capturing the optimum design to match their requirements.

Why is a custom, optimized design important?
According to basic theory, TEC coefficient of performance (COP) is a strong function of ∆T across the elements. In a real-world situation, with thermal resistances due to interfaces and heat exchangers, ∆T across the elements is a function of COP. Therefore, there is a compounding effect and a severe penalty for failure to optimize at the system level. II-VI Marlow's optimization process specifically addresses minimizing TEC power consumption by system-level analysis.

This involves a complex design process that accounts for many factors, including: heat sink resistance as a function of airflow, interface resistances, ambient temperature (average and variations) and the constraints on the thermoelectric design (i.e. cost, size and weight).

The Optimization Process
Through II-VI Marlow’s international sales offices and partners, sales engineers gather customer requirements and work with our Design Center in Dallas to develop an optimized solution.

Our Design Center incorporates 150 years of combined experience designing components, sub-assemblies and heat exchangers for automotive, defense, industrial, laser, medical, space and telecom applications.

Market-specific engineering teams optimize the product and processes to meet customer requirements.

An optimized product gives the best overall value in volume production by balancing the combination of performance, cost and size.

Products are developed at our Design Center in Dallas where prototypes are tooled, built and tested, and in most cases manufacturing of the product is transitioned to our low cost, ISO 9001:2000 certified facility in Vietnam.

Quality products, on-time delivery and customer service combine to maintain fully satisfied customers.

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