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PowerStrap Technology Provides Energy In Remote Oil & Gas Operations

This entry was posted in powerstrap and oil and gas operations on July 08, 2016 by II-VI Marlow Industries

Oil and gas production often takes place in remote locations where grid power is not available or prohibitively expensive to install. Nonetheless, these wells need sensors to monitor pressures, temperatures, and flowrates.

Energy alternatives such as wind and solar power have been used to generate energy for these sensors however, operators cannot always depend   on the environment to power sensors critical for remote operational decisions. This is especially true in northern environments where snow and minimal sunlight during long winters make it difficult to harvest sufficient solar energy to maintain sensor operations.  However, these conditions are ideal for producing energy using thermal energy harvesting, the process of converting the temperature difference between pipes and the ambient air into electricity.

II-VI Marlow is a leading innovator in thermal harvesting technology and has developed and patented a power strap technology customized to fit any pipe diameter and orientation without modifying the existing pipeline infrastructure. The power strap produces up to 250mW of power if the ambient temperature falls below -40 degrees Celsius. Power output can be scaled up to multiple  watts conditional on the strap size, temperature difference, wind speed and quantity of straps.

The power output of the power strap is proportional to the temperature difference from the pipe surface to the ambient air, and the number of straps and wind speed. For maximum power transfer, the internal electrical resistance of the power source must match the electrical resistance of the load being powered.

The power strap is non-invasive and easy to install.  It clamps to the external surface of the pipe with a single bolt to provide a robust mechanical and thermal contact.

II-VI Marlow’s EverGen® PowerStrap Technologyis an effective, alternative energy solution that is both cost effective and requires little maintenance.  It is a viable, economical, and perpetual power source for any industrial and Oil/Gas operation.

For more information download our free EverGen Power Strap whitepaper.

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