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Renewable Energy: Powering the Economy and your Home

This entry was posted in Power generation , Energy Efficiency and renewable energy on June 08, 2020 by II-VI Marlow Industries

Renewable energy in your homeThe world is vastly moving towards renewable energy due to COVID-19. Throughout this pandemic, oil and gas companies have been struggling, while renewable energy companies continue to do better in the economy. This leaves a growing need for renewable energy sources in the U.S.

It is important that we continue to do our part in making the earth cleaner and better for our generations to come, allowing the earth to live longer than expected. Renewable energy is the answer.

Throughout this article, we will discuss the impacts of renewable energy and how you can implement it in your home.

Why Use Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy has a lot to bring to the table. From global warming to public health, economic benefits, and more.

Global Warming & Inexhaustible Energy

Global warming continues to be a growing issue around the world. It changes sea levels, brings frequent droughts and storms, and causes the extinction of many animals.

29% of the U.S. global warming emissions comes from our electricity sector through coal or natural gas. The US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found that renewable energy can help reduce our electricity sector by 81% by 2050.

By getting our energy from the heat of the earth, sunny skies, powerful winds, and more, these sources can easily be replenished and slow the growth of global warming.

Jobs & The Economy

The installation of renewable energy sources opens up doors for jobs in the market. Since these jobs are labor intensive, it gives more people the opportunity to work. According to a study done by the 2009 Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), renewable energy creates 3 times as many jobs than those of the coal industry according to a study done by the 2009 Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).

UCS also estimated that by 2025, national renewable electricity will generate 11.5 billion in new property tax revenue for local communities, 13.5 billion in new landowner income from biomass production, and 263.4 billion in new capital investment for renewable energy tech.

Renewable Energy at Home

Now that we know how renewable energy is impacting our world, let’s talk about how it can impact your home.

There are many different ways to implement renewable energy in your home depending on what you are using the energy for.

Solar Energy

Solar energy uses energy from sunlight, and can be used for hot water, electricity, cooling systems and more.

Rooftop solar panels are one of the most popular renewable energy sources. These photovoltaic panels (PV) are put on your roof to capture the sun's energy and turn it into electricity.

PV Panels are available for leasing, or you can purchase them in full. If you decide to get your panels through a Power Purchase Arrangement (PPA), then maintenance and installation are free, you only pay a lock rate for the energy the panels produce.

If you buy them outright, it will be expensive, but you will save more on your electricity bills in the long run, and qualify for state and federal tax credits/incentives.

Wind Energy

Wind energy comes from the wind! It is similar to solar energy in the sense that it captures heat/cool air and turns it into electricity. They are more stable than solar panels, and can easily generate most of your electricity needs.

Wind turbines and wind power generating systems are the most popular products that use wind energy. Windmills are still used today, but mainly for pumping water on farms. You can install a small wind turbine on your property if you have enough real estate.

This is best if you live in an area with more wind power. The more wind speed a turbine can pick up, the more energy is produced.

Solar Oven

Solar ovens use solar energy as well. This is a great product for people who are starting out in the renewable energy world. Solar panels and wind turbines can be overwhelming and costly, but you can make your own solar oven, or buy it at a low cost.

Solar ovens use the power of sunlight to heat up or allow you to cook food. This is a lot cheaper than an electric oven because it is not connected to your electricity bill. Essentially, you’re cooking for free!

Another great advantage to a solar oven is you’ll never have to worry about a power outage. This is not something you connect to your outlets, so even in a storm you won’t have to worry about electricity to eat.

There are many more renewable energy sources in the world that are not listed in this article that could make a great addition to your home! Find what works best for you and implement it.

Renewable energy is the future to our economy in a post pandemic world. Let’s change the future together.

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