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Telcordia Qualifications Compliant

This entry was posted in Technical Library on December 19, 2017 by II-VI Marlow Industries

II-VI Marlows’ thermoelectric coolers for the telecommunication industry are fully compliant with Telcordia®1 GR-468-CORE Issue 2 (Sept. 2004).

Qualification tests performed at II-VI Marlow are outlined in the table below. A Telcordia qualification report for Marlow Industries’ telecommunication coolers is available upon request.

Telcordia qualification tests performed by II-VI Marlow:

During the Mechanical Integrity tests, a mass is attached to the top of the thermoelectric cooler (TEC) to simulate the laser sub-mount.

Marlow also provides qualification testing to customer-specified requirements. Please review any specific needs with the Telecom team.





Test Details

Mechanical Integrity

Mechanical Shock


Condition A (500 g, 1.0 ms), 5 times/direction



Condition A (20 g),
20 to 2000 to 20 Hz,
4 min/cy, 4 cy/axis

Non-Powered Environmental Stress

High Temperature Storage


85°C, 2000 hours

Temperature Cycling


-40°C/+85°C, 100 cycles

Powered Environmental Stress

Power Cycling (On/Off)


Hot-side T ≥max. op. T, 5000 cycles

Telcordia is a registered trademark of Telcordia Technologies, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Marlow has an ongoing reliability program, with TECs operating at constant current and constant hot side temperatures (aging tests). The TECs are periodically removed for performance tests, and the change in performance assessed. The rate of change with time and temperature has been modeled. These models are then used for the calculation of hazard rates, or FITS.

Given a defined life (standard 20 years), an operating temperature (typically 40°C or 50°C), and definition of failure (typically expressed as a percent change in voltage), II-VI Marlow can provide an FIT rate. Please contact one of II-VI Marlow’s engineers for your specific reliability questions or FIT calculation needs.

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