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Driving A Thermoelectric Consumer Market

This entry was posted in Energy Efficiency , Electronics and thermoelectric generator on June 05, 2019 by II-VI Marlow Industries

The rise of thermoelectric technology in products on the consumer market is helping to create a more cost effective and energy efficient  world. II-VI Marlow is on the frontline of innovation, networking with Fortune 100 companies to promote different solutions and applications of its groundbreaking thermoelectric technology discoveries within the consumer product market.

Consumers want products that are less costly, more efficient and  more eco-friendly - experts in thermoelectric technology are challenging themselves everyday to bring these products to market and into households around the world. You might be surprised to find that you already own common products and appliances that leverage thermoelectric technology for improved efficiency, take a look at various a few common applications below:

Wine Chillers

For the average party host, experienced wine collector, or simply a bulk shopper - owning a wine chiller in your home can prove very useful when compared to the standard refrigerator. Wine chillers offer a unique solution that focuses on wine temperature control and holds an advantage over your refrigerator because they are compact, quiet and cost efficient.

In addition to allowing for more (exclusive) wine storage than your standard refrigerator, they leverage Benefits of Thermoelectric Cooling and require less power to operate. Your party guests and electricity bill will thank you.

Cooking & Camping Stoves

Traditionally, cooking or camping stoves burn propane or organic fuel and both come at a cost:  propane is can be expensive and requires transportation of the storage tank (which can be heavy!) and organic full can be difficult to obtain in a pinch. Traditional portable stoves can also have negative impacts on health since burning of organic materials can output carbon and soot, which can be damaging to the lungs.

II-VI Marlow has created a thermoelectric solution that supplies more oxygen to the fuel-air mixture via a fan, the perfect system for making efficient portable cooking. The system eliminates discharge of harmful products and burns more efficiency in terms of burn rate (faster for cooking) and less harmful outputs. These advances in portable cooking technologies have been widely adopted by the military because of their ease-of-use, reliability, and elimination of an oversized secondary generator. Check out our complete list of Thermoelectric Consumer Market Products for more info on cooking & camping stoves.


In a competitive industry, textile companies are constantly trying to find new ways to stand out and eco-friendly clothing is an emerging trend that benefits both the environment and the consumer. Thermoelectric Textile Materials are generally made with organic polymers and can be easily used on for large-scale production - these textiles have become an efficient way to use humans’ natural body heat to generate power and advance textile production.

In addition to a higher quality product output, the utilization of 3D generators, 2D generators,  and CAD systems have made the textile industry more efficient and less reliant on labor for production. The consumer demand for wearable technologies, especially those relating to performance and energy conservation  through thermoelectric solutions, will continue to drive innovation within textiles.

Gesture Recognition Technology

Consumers today want their devices to interact on an incredibly personal level.  II-VI Marlow is on the front line of innovation to satisfy this demand and has created gesture recognition technology applications that utilizes an infrared laser to display an image map of the human body. What does this mean for consumers? They no longer need a remote control for their TV, stereo, and telephone or cellphone. With this technology, the machine can recognize its user and their gestures and can be adopted for use in video games, TVs, and personal computers.

The thermoelectric industry continues to bridge the gap into many existing and new consumer products as the demand for creating an energy efficient world lays the groundwork for widespread use of thermoelectric technology. Do you own any of these additional Thermoelectric Applications? Check out the growing list of common household items that leverage thermoelectric technology:

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