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Thermoelectrics Keep Your Fireplace Running!

This entry was posted in Thermoelectrics on July 08, 2016 by II-VI Marlow Industries

2016’s harsh winter left many of us without power for extended periods of time. Power outages went from bad to worse for those who have fireplaces that rely on electricity to ignite.

Fortunately, there are alternative energy sources, such as thermoelectric power, that can generate electricity. II-VI Marlow’s Thermoelectric Generators  are a simple, cost- effective alternative to electric, battery or solar power.

II-VI Marlow Thermoelectric Generators start your fireplace and operate by converting heat into electricity. One side of the thermoelectric generator is exposed to high temperatures inside the fireplace while the opposite side stays cool. Once a temperature differential forms, heat moves across the module and is converted into electricity.

Excess power produced by a thermoelectric generator can be stored in lithium batteries. These batteries provide power for the next time your power goes out.

In addition to keeping you warm during a power outage, thermoelectric generators are a great way to reduce you and your family’s environmental footprint.

Thermoelectric generators are a safe, renewable source of energy that does not produce any waste. They are a great alternative energy source if you are looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Whether you are preparing for next winters power outages or want to find an alternative source of energy to power your electronics, II-VI Marlow Power Generators are a great fit for any home.

Looking for more? We can create custom modules or entire systems and assemblies. From large industrial generators to small-scale power generation, we can provide you with a solution to your custom thermal energy harvesting application.

Interested in learning more about potential thermoelectric generate consumer applications? Download our free Thermoelectric Survival Guide

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