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Driving A Thermoelectric Consumer Market

The rise of thermoelectric technology in products on the consumer market is helping to create a more cost effective and energy efficient  world. II-VI Marlow is on the frontline of innovation, networking with Fortune 100 companies to promote different solutions and applications of its groundbreaking thermoelectric technology discoveries within the consumer product market.

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ISA Analysis Division’s 62nd Annual Symposium was held May 5th - 9th 2019. Among the few new products featured was II-VI’s EverGen® PowerStrap® Generator (EPG) - and it was very well received.

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Climatherm™ Products Protect Electronics in Extreme Conditions

Protect your electronics under extreme conditions. II-VI Marlow designs and manufactures Climatherm™ products. Lightweight, compact, long lasting, cost efficient electronic enclosures; these products range from as small as battery cases to industrial appliances.

Beyond high heat exchangers and thermoelectric coolers or TECs, our Climatherm™ air-to air product line was established for two primary reasons.

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