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Renewable Energy: Powering the Economy and your Home

The world is vastly moving towards renewable energy due to COVID-19. Throughout this pandemic, oil and gas companies have been struggling, while renewable energy companies continue to do better in the economy. This leaves a growing need for renewable energy sources in the U.S.

It is important that we continue to do our part in making the earth cleaner and better for our generations to come, allowing the earth to live longer than expected. Renewable energy is the answer.

Throughout this article, we will discuss the impacts of renewable energy and how you can implement it in your home.

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Military-grade space heaters

For soldiers deployed in isolated areas, maintaining a consistent heat source to a military tent proves challenging. And while electric space heaters are commonplace in offices and homes, they are too dangerous for military use.

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Next Generation Technology: Generating Electricity from Space

A recent experiment done by researchers from Stanford University in California tries to expand on the viability of adapting solar panel technology to create electricity and energy from the night sky. This study has been documented by Science Alert and offers unique perspectives on identifying another potential source of renewable power. Essentially, researchers were making photodiodes contained in the solar panels “work backwards” in an attempt to generate power from a cold source.

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Driving A Thermoelectric Consumer Market

The rise of thermoelectric technology in products on the consumer market is helping to create a more cost effective and energy efficient  world. II-VI Marlow is on the frontline of innovation, networking with Fortune 100 companies to promote different solutions and applications of its groundbreaking thermoelectric technology discoveries within the consumer product market.

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ISA Analysis Division’s 62nd Annual Symposium was held May 5th - 9th 2019. Among the few new products featured was II-VI’s EverGen® PowerStrap® Generator (EPG) - and it was very well received.

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How Cold Neutrons Can Improve Performance of Thermoelectrics

Our researchers and engineers here at II-VI Marlow thrive off of finding new and innovative ways to improve our technology. Thermoelectric devices provide renewable, sustainable energy in many different ways, but the technology itself is still fairly new and scientists world-wide are trying to engineer more efficient devices. We already know that thermoelectric technology is versatile and reliable, but when they become efficient on a large scale, their potential applications could be endless.

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Improve Energy Efficiency with II-VI Energy Harvesting Technology

Replacing batteries is the bane of my existence.

They always seem to go dead right when I’m comfortably settled on my couch, or leave me stranded in an empty parking lot on the way home from work. The right size of batteries is never available when I need it. So, if I ever catch that dumb little Energizer bunny beating a drum … well, you get the point.

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