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NASA to Open the International Space Station (ISS) to Tourists, Are You Booking a Trip?

In the years to come, the traditional cliché of tourists who “travel abroad” will likely be adopting an entirely new definition - beginning in 2020, NASA will be opening the doors of the International Space Station for private tourists, private astronauts, and commercial businesses to enjoy. Want to add visiting space, the final frontier, to your bucket list of travel destinations? You better have deep pockets.

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II-VI Marlow Thermoelectric Module is on Mars

The Atlas V rocket thrusts the launch vehicle from the launch pad and propels it free of earth’s gravitational force and out into the dark and unforgiving environment of space. 254 days later the spacecraft begins a landing sequence that includes a steered free fall, a parachute descent, a rocket powered deceleration, then a tethered drop to the surface of the planet.

The launch date was 26 November 2011 and the vehicle within the spacecraft was the Mars Science Laboratory, aptly named Curiosity.

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