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Thermoelectric Roadways of the Future

The automotive industry is shifting to being powered by renewable energy sources, which we wrote about in a previous blog post, but this technology might also be changing the current roadway infrastructure. Thermoelectric technology has made it possible to consider the modification of existing roadways and turning them into energy-producing roadways. With the enormous surface area of existing roads, there is promising potential to produce a massive amount of energy with the ability to power surrounding areas.

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Renewable Energy Adopted at a Record Breaking Rate

Renewable energy including wind, solar, thermoelectric, and others are predicted to be the main power source of 2040 since they are being adopted at a faster rate than any other fuel in history, according to BP.

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Japanese Researchers Created a Flexible Thermoelectric Generator

Over time, scientists and engineers have found ways to integrate new technologies into our everyday lives. We have fitness watches, smartphones, sleep trackers, and more, but these devices aren’t attached to us at all times. People get sick of fitness watches, forget to track each night of sleep, and although we typically keep our smartphone within arm’s length, they are not as essential to us as the clothes we wear. Think about it, your clothes are the one thing you could never function in society without.

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Eliminate Mosquitoes Using Renewable Energy

Summer is approaching and the weather is heating up in Texas! South central portions of the United States received record rainfall this spring season. June 21 will have the most daylight of any day is fast approaching. What does all this mean? Mosquito season and the potential for West Nile Virus is upon us!

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II-VI Marlow Powerstrap Generates Renewable Energy in Lubbock, Texas

What do you get when you mix together Lubbock, Texas; a prison; a cruise ship and Superman’s lair … a pretty good mental image of Alaska’s North Slope oil field.

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