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Thermoelectric Roadways of the Future

The automotive industry is shifting to being powered by renewable energy sources, which we wrote about in a previous blog post, but this technology might also be changing the current roadway infrastructure. Thermoelectric technology has made it possible to consider the modification of existing roadways and turning them into energy-producing roadways. With the enormous surface area of existing roads, there is promising potential to produce a massive amount of energy with the ability to power surrounding areas.

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What is the Seebeck Effect

Similar to Christopher Columbus navigating the vast waters of the Atlantic, Thomas Seebeck helped to plot the way for the field of thermoelectrics. Seebeck’s discoveries in the 19th century have stood the test of time and continue to be used to this day.

Along with fellow physicists Jean Peltier of the Peltier effect and Lord Kelvin of the Thomson effect, Seebeck created the foundation for the field of thermoelectrics as we know it today.

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