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Next Gen Technology: Using the Human Body as a Generator

Our wearable devices and wearable technologies have become a part of our everyday lives. From bluetooth airpods to fitbits, wearable technology has become our norm and we don’t leave the house without it. We track our fitness health, read our email, and have it tell us the news as we walk from our cars to work. As innovative as these new wearable technologies are, they have the confines of a battery and we still have to take them off at night and plug them into a charger for tomorrow’s enjoyment. Have you ever considered that your body could become a power source for your favorite wearable devices? It would only be fitting that next generation technology utilizes next generation power.

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Virtual Reality (VR) and its Impact on Space Exploration

NASA recently announced that they will be opening the International Space Station (ISS) for tourism and while this is exciting and lays the groundwork for space exploration and expansion in the future, this opportunity is not exactly available to all in its current state - it comes with a pretty steep price tag of $58 million ($35,000 per night). Sorry to say it, but more than likely no one reading this post will be visiting the ISS any time soon.

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Detectors and Sensors with Multistage Thermoelectric Coolers

Have you seen some of the incredible views of our universe, asteroids, comets, planets and stars? Are you familiar with the search for cures of deadly diseases and the need for a cleaner environment? What you may not know is that these things are related to thermoelectric devices.

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