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How Cold Neutrons Can Improve Performance of Thermoelectrics

Our researchers and engineers here at II-VI Marlow thrive off of finding new and innovative ways to improve our technology. Thermoelectric devices provide renewable, sustainable energy in many different ways, but the technology itself is still fairly new and scientists world-wide are trying to engineer more efficient devices. We already know that thermoelectric technology is versatile and reliable, but when they become efficient on a large scale, their potential applications could be endless.

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How Thermoelectric Technology is Used in World’s First Air Conditioned Helmet

The term, “safety first” has always been a golden rule that we remind ourselves and teach our children, but what about “comfort second”? Feher Helmets has taken that idea to the next level by turning a typical motorcycle helmet into one equipped with a self-contained air conditioning system for a more comfortable ride.

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What Powers Spacecrafts in Deep Space

Man’s inaugural journey into space was a miraculous triumph but human nature leaves us wanting more. We yearn for new information and deeper travels, but innovations down here on Earth are what will launch us to new heights in space.

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MIT Physicists Announce Advances in Thermoelectric Material Efficiency

On May 25th, 2018 Science Advances published a report by MIT physicists Brian Skinner and Liang Fu on a ground-breaking theoretical method that could drastically increase the efficiency of thermoelectric energy.

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This entry was posted in thermoelectric technology and TE materials on July 03, 2018 by II-VI Marlow Industries

Better Thermoelectric Materials for the Weather

“If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute” and “Texas has four seasons, drought, flood, blizzard and twister,” are colloquialisms that well characterize the state of Texas weather. 

As Texas covers a large geographical area, the variations in weather or climate can be significant.  What about the variations in weather across the United States, or around the world?  And how about global warming?  Is it real?  Is it something we need to try to affect?  What are the facts and whose facts are correct?  While we at II-VI Marlow may not have the answers to the global warming questions and/or be able to solve the global warming issue with thermoelectrics, we certainly can assist the scientists and climatologists that are working on this issue.

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