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What Powers Spacecrafts in Deep Space

Man’s inaugural journey into space was a miraculous triumph but human nature leaves us wanting more. We yearn for new information and deeper travels, but innovations down here on Earth are what will launch us to new heights in space.

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Thermoelectric Technology in the Medical Industry

Thermoelectric technologies have a wide range of applications across multiple industries. They are great alternative energy sources due to scalability, sustainability, efficiency, precise temperature control, and long operational life just to name a few.

One of the most dynamic and exciting industries in modern society is medicine. People are living longer and there are more cures to diseases than ever before thanks to continual medical advancements.

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Power Adapters For Thermoelectric Coolers (TECS)

Thermoelectric modules and systems provide a solid state method to achieve programmable heating, cooling or temperature cycling by converting electrical power to heat pumping capability.  In thermoelectric applications, the power supply, or electrical power source, provides a DC current (Amps) at a regulated output, or working voltage (VDC).

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