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A Growing Thermoelectric Refrigeration Market

Human beings love refrigeration - the ability to store perishable food and medical products in a cold environment for long periods of time has made a huge impact on the progression of our species. Refrigeration technology has made great advances since its inception, but has arguably become stagnant since 2005 when census data showed that 99.5% of American households had a refrigerator. Sure, the devices are becoming more sleek and efficient, but the core technology for cooling has more or less remained the same: pumps and compressors. The latest in technological advances for refrigerators is cooing from thermoelectric coolers (TECs) - these devices do not require a standard compression pumps and are gaining traction to help us build a more energy efficient and eco-friendly world.

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Detectors and Sensors with Multistage Thermoelectric Coolers

Have you seen some of the incredible views of our universe, asteroids, comets, planets and stars? Are you familiar with the search for cures of deadly diseases and the need for a cleaner environment? What you may not know is that these things are related to thermoelectric devices.

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