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Powering Your Own Wearable Devices

Smart watches, smart glasses, Fitbits... smart technology is everywhere today! The market for wearables has become inundated with version after version of different accessories to mass-market. There is constant improvement happening in the industry and everyone's competing to be the first-to-market with the latest and greatest. 

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The Increasing Popularity of Temperature Controlled Products

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New Silicon-based Research Converts Waste Heat into Energy

Thermoelectric Applications in Telecommunications

Although II-VI Marlow’s products were originally focused on supplying for defense and aerospace, the corporation has evolved, optimizing the use of thermoelectric technologies in a wider range of industries. The telecommunications industry is a demanding market that can prosper off of the reliability and innovation of thermoelectric applications.

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Thermoelectric Technologies Used in the Automotive Industry

We’ve talked before about how thermoelectric technologies are present in the medical, aerospace, and defense industries as a reliable and efficient energy source. There are some amazing things that can be accomplished in these industries with the help of our technology, but there are more common applications as well. So much so, that these devices can be applied to something that most of us use every single day - cars.

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How Thermoelectric Technology is Used in World’s First Air Conditioned Helmet

The term, “safety first” has always been a golden rule that we remind ourselves and teach our children, but what about “comfort second”? Feher Helmets has taken that idea to the next level by turning a typical motorcycle helmet into one equipped with a self-contained air conditioning system for a more comfortable ride.

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Beverage Refrigeration and Thermoelectric Cooling

There are several modes of operation when discussing thermoelectric applications for beverage cooling:

1. Temperature Maintenance
2. Cool Down and Sustain Mode
3. On Demand

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This entry was posted in thermoelectric cooling and beverage refrigeration on July 08, 2016 by II-VI Marlow Industries

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