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Powering Space: Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators

Space exploration is a topic that has piqued the world’s interest since Apollo landed on the moon in the 60s. There are so many questions around space travel, the preparation, mission details and much more. But have you ever asked yourself how these missions are powered?

Lucky for you, we’ve just become resident experts in powering spacecrafts. Missions, past and future, have been made possible through the use of radioisotope thermoelectric technology - an incredible source of energy responsible for powering the most historic voyages of our time.

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New Silicon-based Research Converts Waste Heat into Energy

On the Frontlines of Innovation at the 2019 Global Petroleum Show

This year’s Global Petroleum Show was held June 11-13 in Calgary, Canada and II-VI Marlow was thrilled to be among the 1,000 highly advanced exhibitors and 51,000 attendees of this leading energy event. As the largest North American Energy show, it provides an opportunity for manufacturers, industry executives, and service companies to network and exchange ideas that drive innovation and advancement in the Canadian petroleum market. The 2019 GPS showcased energy exhibitors and technical experts from all over the world and featured segmented exhibit hall and education areas dedicated to manufacturers from the USA, China, Africa, and Korea.

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Driving A Thermoelectric Consumer Market

The rise of thermoelectric technology in products on the consumer market is helping to create a more cost effective and energy efficient  world. II-VI Marlow is on the frontline of innovation, networking with Fortune 100 companies to promote different solutions and applications of its groundbreaking thermoelectric technology discoveries within the consumer product market.

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Thermoelectric Roadways of the Future

The automotive industry is shifting to being powered by renewable energy sources, which we wrote about in a previous blog post, but this technology might also be changing the current roadway infrastructure. Thermoelectric technology has made it possible to consider the modification of existing roadways and turning them into energy-producing roadways. With the enormous surface area of existing roads, there is promising potential to produce a massive amount of energy with the ability to power surrounding areas.

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Thermoelectric Applications in Telecommunications

Although II-VI Marlow’s products were originally focused on supplying for defense and aerospace, the corporation has evolved, optimizing the use of thermoelectric technologies in a wider range of industries. The telecommunications industry is a demanding market that can prosper off of the reliability and innovation of thermoelectric applications.

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Scientists Successfully Developed a Thermoelectric Generator with 5° C Thermal Difference

The world as we know it is getting closer and closer to becoming a completely IoT-based society. For those unfamiliar with the Internet of Things, we wrote all about it in our last blog post! It is essentially a system of integrated computing devices or sensors that transmit data over a network. Think about all the devices in your home that have WiFi capabilities. Your phone, smartwatch, television, heating and air conditioning, and the list goes on.

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New Commercial Applications For Ultra Thin Thermoelectric Nanomaterials

There is a growing demand for smaller and more efficient thermoelectric generators. Emerging research findings on nanostructures reveal a potential for the expansion of commercial applications.

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How to Build Your Own Thermoelectric Generator

In 1821, German physicist Thomas Seebeck found that two dissimilar metals exposed to varying temperatures will generate an electrical current. This phenomenon has since been referred to as the Seebeck Effect and is the basis for thermoelectric generators.

The following exercise details step-by-step instructions on how to construct a thermoelectric generator from household items.

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Aerospace & Defense Technology Using Thermoelectric Generators

Aerospace and defense technology requires high degrees of reliability and durability in hostile and ever-changing environments. Thermoelectric generators [TEGs] meet these qualifications and can also serve as a valuable cost-cutting, time-saving solution. Find out what research has been conducted recently in the field as well as applications of the TEGs in defense and aerospace fields.

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