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Waste Heat Recovery

This entry was posted in Waste heat recovery , Marlow and Power generation on June 18, 2020 by II-VI Marlow Industries

Waste heat recovery in electronic devices Does your laptop ever get extremely hot and start to make loud noises as if it’s going to explode? That’s because when we use our devices for too long, it can cause them to overheat and make the problems worse.

This is where waste heat recovery comes to the rescue. Waste heat recovery collects unwanted heat from a product and turns it into energy that can be used elsewhere.

There are many common household appliances that produce waste heat. Dryers, fire heaters, and steam boilers, to name a few. Waste heat recovery reduces the heat from these appliances so they don’t overwork themselves and break down.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 50% of energy from burned fuels in the U.S. become waste heat in the atmosphere. With waste heat recovery, we could attain 20% of total domestic electricity demands and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Technological Advances

Waste heat recovery has been used in many systems including cars, houses, and now your electronic devices.

According to the American Chemical Society’s journal, Nano Letters, researchers have created a hydrogel that cools down electronics and converts their heat waste into electricity. This will be the first device capable of reducing the heat in phones, laptops, computers, etc., and turning it into electricity at the same time!

Hydrogel is made from polymer (polyacrylamide framework) and is charged with ions and water that create electricity when it's heated. This process allows battery life to be safer and last longer, so we don’t have to worry about our devices overheating and slowing down.

Marlow Integration

At Marlow, we strive to use waste heat recovery in our systems. In the automotive industry, we have created thermoelectric waste heat recovery subsystems to convert wasted heat energy in cars to electrical power.

A car only uses ⅓ of its fuel energy to move a vehicle, the other ⅔’s of that energy goes into the engine exhaust and radiators. That ⅔ of energy is bad for the environment and costly for consumers when their car starts to overheat.

Our thermoelectric generator (TEG) modules are used in waste heat recovery to remove the heat from the car’s battery, and turn it into electrical power. The TEG can also be used for stove tops fans, self-powered stoves, battery chargers, and more.

Exhaust waste heat recovery can provide larger scale power to run entire systems or supplement the plant grid, increasing energy efficiency. Check out our website to learn more about waste heat recovery!


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