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This entry was posted in Marlow and thermoelectric technology on July 08, 2016 by II-VI Marlow Industries

We started this blog as a forum intended to get our work out into the world, to communicate our projects and our successes. For most of the day, we're working heads-down on complex projects, and we rarely have the time to discuss or share with the community around us who can benefit from our discoveries. Our aim is to create an open dialogue in the thermoelectric community: to explain our processes, discuss new techniques and to share our company's wins.  

Who Is II-VI Marlow

We are thermoelectric experts based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, with quality technology as our primary work. With manufacturing awards and decades of experience as the core of our foundation, we design concept-to-completion projects for complex thermoelectric challenges. We also create turnkey solutions, producing power generators, thermoelectric modules, thermocyclers, and more.

Custom Thermoelectric Technology

In creating custom solutions for your business, we are constantly designing for your specific requirements. Our team of engineers, a network of expert technical problem-solvers, will discuss your specifications and requirements as we define new products. We test, and verify test, all customer product designs and internal specifications prior to production. Characterization data of each design is reported back to you, as we identify root causes for any failures, and determine corrective action to reduce your production risk and total program costs.

Want an inside peek at how we work?

Visit us often at The II-VI Marlow Blog. Along with company news, we will be posting regularly on thermoelectric technologies across these industries:

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